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Walking down memoey lane
I would love it if you were able to be here every day, Ollie! Nay, too! Dang, but I miss you gals!! ...
MSN NicknameAbbyBCLady1   10-30-08
Walking down memoey lane
Abby, you will be seeing so much of me that you may regret that statement! LOL!!!
MSN NicknameOllieme2   10-28-08
Walking down memoey lane
It really is wonderful to see you, Ollie! I hope you are able to be around the boards regularly again. ...
MSN NicknameAbbyBCLady1   10-28-08
Walking down memoey lane
I came here today to copy the site so we could start it again elsewhere and after I finished that I went looking in the messages. I had a few good laughs and shed more than one tear! When Nay ...
MSN NicknameOllieme2   10-27-08
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MSN Nickname¨SHERRÝ 10-07-08
MSN Nickname¨SHERRÝ 08-03-08
sherrys glass
MSN Nickname¨SHERRÝ 08-02-08
tiel tag
MSN Nickname¨SHERRÝ 07-29-08
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