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Dallas County, Missouri 
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  Welcome to the Dallas County, MO Genealogy Group!

 I created this group so other genealogy researchers of Dallas County, Missouri can help one another with their family research.  Please feel free to post messages, pictures, genealogy website links, genealogy files, or anything else that is related to genealogy  of Dallas County, Missouri. 






Researching Missouri Genealogy
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The Group has moved!
The group has moved to
MSN Nicknamemissouri1981   10-24-08
MSN Groups Will Close Feb. 21, 2009
Yes, I'm planning on moving the group.
MSN Nicknamemissouri1981   10-21-08
MSN Groups Will Close Feb. 21, 2009
Hi Billy,   Do you plan to move this group to Multiply? Hope so.   Ginny
Ginny   10-20-08
MSN Groups Will Close Feb. 21, 2009
      ****************************************************   Thank you for writing to MSN Group...
MSN Nicknamemissouri1981   10-20-08
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