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Special Announcment From Moon

 8/27/2005 9:36 PM
As I have continued to recieve emails from many I do want to thank you all and make
a special announcement so that EVERYONE knows who,what,when,and why.
Diane is Official OWNER of DnV
Diane Has my FULL CONCENT to handle matters of importance
Diane is capable of handiling DnV without any questioning from other staff members
Diane is MY (Moons) Ambassidor and FULLY has MY authority on ALL MATTERS.
Diane has always had my confidence and support and will continue to do so.
I have personally bestowed Diane all trust in DnV.
                                                                                                Founder/Webmaster/PSP Teacher
                                                                                                Owner/Saxophone Player/Chess Player
Love you all God Bless you and see ya soon.
Remember DnV is working for you.

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MSN NicknameMaggs____   02-15-09
If you actually came by here PLEASE SIGN...
Hi...Well, I still pop in to see what you'[re up to!  Have a good Sunday Everybody! ...
Ginger   02-15-09
If you actually came by here PLEASE SIGN...
Don't faint - I'm popping in waiting for the invite to the other group so I can join with my NEW PC.  PSP & AS are installed and waiting to be used.   Peggy...
MSN NicknameRedsaturnnj3   02-15-09
If you actually came by here PLEASE SIGN...
Can you believe it????? I finally did make it into the new room....LOLOL...took awhile but all is good now. Diane is there a way to be sent replies to my email addy lik...
MSN NicknameCal_girl2   02-11-09
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