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cCard13.gif picture by Winterspirit

StarsBlueFlashes1.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1WishingYouAMCGirlHelper.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1StarsBlueFlashes1.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1
SantaReindeerSleighIgloos.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1SantaDancesHips.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1SantaReindeerSleighIgloos.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1
ChristmasCarols.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1TreeBowsPink.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1ChristmasCarols.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1
GarlandFairy.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1SantaDontForgetMeSign.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1GarlandFairy.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1
WishUponAStar24.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1
May all your Holiday
wishes come true
from the Staff of
Energy Exchange Healing
CakeElf.gif picture by Bedazzledcharmed1

 Is a time of giving from the heart

 with love and light of the spirit.

May your days be blessed with

all that you wish your Christmas to be.
 May your hearts be filled with
love for all and may the warmth
of all you feel fill your spirit
to give even just a little more love
out to the world.
With love to you all from
Me to you
DazZz & FaeryDustflys


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Thursday, December 25, 2008 You Are the True Spirit of Christmas   Two thousand year...
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Daily Quote
Daily QuoteWhen you ask, it is given, every single time, no exceptions. You are beloved, blessed Beings who deserve good things-but it takes a self-convincing before you will all...
MSN NicknameFaerydustflys   12-28-08
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