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Epilepsy Support and 
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Epilepsy Support and Information


Welcome to the
Epilepsy Group
If you have epilepsy don't suffer in silence, you don't have to walk alone. We do care, Seizures can take from you, here you will see it doesn't take over your life. On this site we provide resourceful information.  So if you have epilepsy or love someone with a seizure disorder you are most welcome to stop by, our doors are  open to all...
Hugs, Managment

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I haven't gone to Multiply that much, but I try to go over to Aiyoo (sp, lol) every time I check Hotmail. I just don't see very much activity right now.   Is there anything that I ca...
MSN NicknameCherokeeRedbird   11-05-08
Thank you so much ladie, I cry every time I think of him.   Jana, put pictures up if you like what I will do is save them, and add them to the new group when we decide....
MSN Nicknamewithangels_21   11-05-08
You truly are. Thanks for taking the time to create that. Knowing that MSN is going to close these groups please make sure that you hold onto what you have created. That's really why I am not takin...
MSN NicknameJana-TAS   11-05-08
Hi Melinda. I am still responding on MSN. I cant get the multiply to load and I feel like I am losing you guys! I hope we find a place we can all share our days and information. Lori
MSN NicknameSoulWings   11-05-08
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