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Dear John Doe, we regret to inform you.....
I'm quite certain that they have been lying about the numbers all along.   g/v
ghostlyvision   01-08-09
Dear John Doe, we regret to inform you.....
Ever think the military are lying about the number killed?
MSN Nicknameoskar576nLady   01-08-09
Dear John Doe, we regret to inform you.....
Army Apologizes For "John Doe" Letters Thousands Of Letters Sent To Families Of Fallen Soldiers Addressing Them By Generic Moniker ...
ghostlyvision   01-08-09
Joe the Plumber trades toolbelt to becom...
Now that the state knows that he's a "plumber" without a license maybe he lost his job.
MSN Nicknameoskar576nLady   01-07-09
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Noserose 10-13-08
On the road again...
MSN Nicknameuppitygirll 10-06-08
Letters and books
MSN NicknameBellelettres 09-16-08
MSN NicknameJohn-Margetts 09-15-08
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