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FairieFolkContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Following MSNs announcement that groups will be closing in February 2009, we are having to move Fairie Folk
The new forum will be located here Please save this link into your favourites or somewhere safe on your computer so you can access the new forum and stay being a faerie with us!
To use the forum you will see in the right hand corner that you will need to sign up, this takes a minute or 2 and only ever needs doing once, after that when you visit the site you will need to sign in using your created username and password or if you dont logout after your visit you wont need to sign in again at all
In  the new year a Faerie Folk website will be created and the Forum will be the heart of our community where we can all still talk to each other, the website will contain fascinating pages on Faeries and im very excited about creating it, until then we will just have the new forum
Please sign up at the forum and say a hello you may wish to post one or two messages there so you get use to the new format although its very similar to MSN you click on GENERAL it will show you all the topics clikc a topic and there are our messages just like here :)
Over the next 7 days AIMOO will be automatically copying the rest of our boards over to the new forum for us so we wont be loosing any posts, boards and topics we have previously made
We will continue as Normal on our MSN group until December the 1st after that the new forum will be the ONLY place we are communicating so please sign up and have a feel for the place over the next month or so
I understand with MSN closing and us having to move we will loose many of our 62 members but im hoping the most dedicated will follow us there
And for those who we loose, it was nice having you as a member over the 2 years Fairie Folk was an MSN group and we wish you all the best in the future
Once again please sign up at and have a feel for our new forum
Love Kayleigh x

This webset page was assembled on Saturday January 13, 2007 by SHELL with graphics from the public domain using one of the many auto-scripters available at  Chat_Central_Gateway  All rights reserved KENDOC 2005


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The Daffodil Principle
Sorry did not look at this as i have the biggest phobia towards daffodils.   ...
MSN NicknameTHEoneANDonlyDIPPY   11-04-08
Ashleighs Fairy Garden
That's really beautifulThank you for sharingWell done!Love Sophiexxxxx
MSN NicknameLovingSoph1   11-04-08
im offline for the evening
MSN Nickname_Rainu_   11-04-08
im offline for the evening
Bye everyone im offline for the evening ive jsut fed the kids im about to hoover ans weep downstairs empty the rubbish out then dress the kids for bed david should be home about 6.30 then the kid...
MSN NicknameFae_Kay   11-04-08
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MSN NicknameFae_Kay 10-15-08
Fae Trailing
wolfdog 07-07-08
Fae Jump
wolfdog 07-07-08
Mushroom Elf
wolfdog 07-07-08
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