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 In memory of our Manager, Photography Expert, Ferret Lover, and dear Friend

Lawanda Hartman

August 1, 1935 - March 5, 2008

We will miss you, Summerlilly

Ferret Fotography is not a very active Community but will be kept  
open in memory of Summerlilly.

Ferret Fotography

Do you like making pictures of your Ferrets? 
Do you like seeing pictures of other people's ferrets?

Then here is the place for you!


Rocco Carmine

(who went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 29, 2006)

Rocco is dearly missed.




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The Many Faces of Amy Rose
  It was Rose's Birthday last October 25, 2008...
MSN NicknameLinkie2001   11-08-08
Fuzzy Indians !!!!!!!
LOL it was quite a big challenge ... ...
MSN NicknameLinkie2001   11-02-08
Ferrets in the leaves
  The best pics of my 3 ferrets in the leaves ...
MSN NicknameLinkie2001   11-01-08
Crocheted by Katrina ... :)
  I have lots of pics to share and I'm trying to upload the pics at Photobucket instead of at YouTube. Now let me kn...
MSN NicknameLinkie2001   10-31-08
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MSN NicknameLinkie2001 11-15-08
MSN NicknameLinkie2001 11-15-08
MSN NicknameLinkie2001 11-08-08
MSN NicknameLinkie2001 11-08-08
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