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~~*~~True Friend~~*~~ A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, He said.. no.She asked him if he would want to be with her forever.. and he said no.She then asked him if she...
MSN Nicknameąŋĝęļвąвφ   08-20-08
Choose A Path
Choose A PathMaster/Mistress- This path lets the individual own slaves, have families and buy and sell slaves. They must be treated with respect by everyone below them but they must respect th...
MSN Nicknameąŋĝęļвąвφ   08-20-08
~ Wolf In The Rainbow ~To mountains old and worna beautiful child was bornAs she grew, all could readily seeShe had mystical strength and beautyNo one could control th...
MSN NicknameĹϊthãĦέľľќϊttє?/nobr>   08-14-08
~~ Wolf Dreamer's Dream ~~Long ago Tribal Elders passed on a giftthe mystical ability to shape-shift ...As into your heart this dream stealsIs it a dream ... or is it real ....?...
MSN NicknameĹϊthãĦέľľќϊttє?/nobr>   08-13-08
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MSN NicknameLadylikeAurora 03-26-06
MSN NicknameLadylikeAurora 03-26-06
MSN NicknameLadylikeAurora 03-26-06
MSN NicknameLadylikeAurora 03-26-06
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