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MESSAGE from GINA - April 6th 2008

My friends, my buddies I miss you all so much. I'm hardly online :( My MIL is here, she's needing so much help, has a form of Alsheimers, diabetes, taking so much meds, keeps forgeting things, forgets that she already took her meds, can get lost if she goes out so I have to watch her at all times. With all the things I have to do as a Mom & Wife, it's leaving me little time to go online. I haven't forgotten you all, miss you all so much. Thanks for all you do and for not giving up on me and our group here. Please continue to come by when you can and keep me up to date on all your doing. If you would like to add me to your messenger please do. I often bring my hubbys laptop to the kitchen and leave my messenger on. Hope to chat with you all soon. ADD ME to your MSN Messenger you can also Email me, please tell me were friends from our group here in the Subject. Thanks again.. God Bless you!

Pss..if anyone sees any posts in our group about dating sites or other nasty things please let me know (this is not allowed ). Please post in my Mail Box or my Office Board. I apologize in adavance for any unconfortable posts in our group, I found one this week, I banned the person and deleted the post. Thanks for understanding.

?/STRONG>Check out our Prezzy Drop HEREPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

?A target=_top href="#/GinasTags/mailboxalley.msnw">MAIL BOX ALLEY (a new area for all our Mail Boxes-come help fill up all our friends New Mail Boxes) Click on the right letter find your name and your friends.


new tags have been added in our 2nd HOME..go there now look around, new sections have been added to. Remember to bring all you like back here and request in our REQUEST BOARD. Thanks for requesting.

►►Daily ?

 I Support Jerry Lewis & His Kids 

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Email Gina anytime

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*Proudly Canadian Created & Owned*

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MSN Nickname™meg_90062   01-08-09
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hi   bully     sorry  haven't been giving   you  mail   lately  i am switching to  comcast this saturday   &nb...
MSN Nickname™meg_90062   01-08-09
►Ginas' Mail Box (Manager)
hi  Gina          Hope  You Are Fine     I am Going To  Switch over To Comcast  This S...
MSN Nickname™meg_90062   01-08-09
Foe Kissy
Go here for my new group ...
MSN Nickname©BULLY©   01-07-09
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