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Genie's Southern 
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MSN is closing their doors come this Febuary..

Please join us at our new home at Yuku..

We are leaving the old groups open so that you

can help yourself to anything you would like to save.



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Connect 4 Game #251
MSN NicknameKitabel   02-06-09
MSN NicknameKitabel   12-25-08
What's For Supper? (Ongoing)
Green Beans, roast beef, potato salad, fried okra.   Lady /Rachel
MSN NicknameLady˜   12-22-08
corn bread recipe
Hi everyone, Yes I have a recipe with cream cheese in it.  I will try to e-mail to everyone today. I just read my e-mail. Sorry ,late reading my e-mail.
MSN Nicknameprocookbook   12-21-08
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New Home Yuku
MSN NicknameKitabel 11-07-08
Were Moving
MSN NicknameKitabel 11-07-08
MSN Nicknamelindah© 10-19-08
MSN Nicknamelindah© 10-19-08
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