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Hey New Folks
Ex has got that right..she was one in a trillion Free was..her gift with words written and spoken le...
MSN Nickname©Sha   12-19-08
Hey Sweet Sue my girl how are ya?? Long time no hear or speak..great to see your name on board. Busy with the grandbabies eh..aww aren't they just the best.   How's you...
MSN Nickname©Sha   12-18-08
I will be gone for a little while.
Hi Karen, T,   Missed you too Karen, haven't finished with it yet still another 3 and 1/2 months to go. At least it's in the winter time. T this rehab was court mandat...
MSN Nickname©Sha   12-18-08
I will be gone for a little while.
SIS  !!!!!!    ...
MSN NicknameSpiritWolf61   12-18-08
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cat 07-20-08
Untitled Photo
MSN NicknameLovingmom2433 06-11-08
loving moms son jacks graduation
MSN NicknameLovingmom2433 06-11-08
baby 039
Soulwings 05-01-08
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jacks graduation
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