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Infinity Self Reliance 
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 We do sell services. We welcome participation with related Web Sites and do not consider ourselves a competitor. People need information and they need it now. There are many things occurring around the world and in this Country that effect our daily lives and can have a  dangerous impact on our future.

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The only dumb question is the one not asked

It has been said that when a person dies a library burns. Only those who have tried to compile a life story on someone who has departed this life knows what a reality this is. Today there is an increasing self awareness among many toward becoming more self reliant. We try new things and - in my opinion - try to re-invent the wheel. The pioneers of 100 years ago were already more self sufficient than most of us will ever be. Perhaps instead of looking to the future and new ways of doing things, we ought to at least take a small look into the past and re-acquaint ourselves with the old ways that are proven, that work, yet are nearly forgotten.Take the time to read thru the post you will find here.I think you will be surprised and enjoy.

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" shows"survival
Good point. If you live in the country be aware that during a catostrophic situation every city dweller with a tank full of gas will be coming out to visit you. They will range as far as their ga...
MSN NicknameGreyWolff   11-21-08
Gasoline prices
High prices cause people to burn less gas and profits go down and supply goes up.   Then prices go down.   Been going on for years.   ...
MSN Nicknameferdinan43   11-17-08
" shows"survival
for some reason the tv is full of survival shows. You know where a man goes out and lives for a week or so in the boonies.   Most of thee cases are not survival shows t...
MSN Nicknameferdinan43   11-17-08
Survival Firearms.
I have been getting into the handy rifles. You know the little one shot break open rifles and shotguns?   You can find them used for fifty bucks and they are the most r...
MSN Nicknameferdinan43   11-14-08
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a few
MSN NicknameAdvnelisgi® 06-10-08
canning the end of the season
MSN NicknameAdvnelisgi® 06-10-08
MSN NicknameAdvnelisgi® 06-10-08
the old school ad
MSN NicknameAdvnelisgi® 06-10-08
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