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It's MY Wal*Mart!Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome to a site that is by, for, and of Wal*Mart and Sam's Club associates!  As a member, you can share your thoughts, successes, questions and suggestions freely.  It is not a requirement that you be a Wal*Mart or a Sam's associate, but if you don't like Wal*Mart or Sam's, you won't find much to like on this site.  
New member's posts will be reviewed by the site mgrs before they will be allowed to post to the message board.  SPAM or other unwanted posts will not make it. Members who post spam will have their membership cancelled.  To help keep the membership manageable, members who join and don't post for more than 30 days will have their membership cancelled as well.
Mad Martian Forever site manager
SmileyFaceRob  assistant site manager
This site is not officially affiliated with Wal*Mart Stores, Inc--we just work there!
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Our store is not allowing any vacation time between Dec. 23, 2008 and Jan 5, 2009.
MSN Nicknamenanainbfe   12-09-08
Christmas Bonus?????
We have a handful of people who have been with our store 15 or more years.  Some work on Sunday, some choose no to do so.  However, I know the work situation for my...
MSN Nicknamenanainbfe   12-09-08
OK now, don't shoot me...
I am not very happy with the Yahoo site.  For one thing, I can't use an alias; it always shows your email address and your name.  Your real name.  Either I am more inept than I rea...
mad martian forever   12-08-08
Weights and Measures.
This is the agency that checks to make sure that everything in your store is priced correctly, and that your scales are accurate. Two visits ago, they found too many wrong prices, and ...
mad martian forever   12-08-08
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