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From: MSN Nicknameкιмι¢ι∂?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 11/10/2008 11:52 PM
kjtop.png picture by wheresmychameleon

.:::Title- .setting the record straight. :::.

Ok so we have an interesting partnership, Krys and I that is and well, Its time to set things straight, if Krys and I will ever work as a pair, partners, friends for that matter we need to be on the same page, sure I haven't always been there but well, shell have to figure out what she wants cause well, If she doesnt want to get things changed and fixed so that we can succeed then well Its time for me to go.

As the scene fades in we see Kash in her locker room, alone walking up to her tv and VCR and pops in a tape she grabs the remote and plops back on the couch, her platinum blonde hair swinging over to her right side, she rests her hand on her head as she clicks the play button we then realize its Krys Jericho's promos beggining with her more recent one, she watches it and can't help but chuckle as she watches Krys dance and sing around the room, Kash listened to her words carefully, and made it all the way until the end, where she can fight in a handicap match, Kash smirked as she rolled her eyes a bit before continuing to the next promo, Where she isn't even sure if cash will show up and how she doesn't trust her. Kash seems to turn her smirk into a minor bit of anger as she begins to talk to her self

Something needs to be fixed. NOW!

Kash hoisted herself off the couch and up to her feet onto her red heels that clicked as she regained her balance, show slowly walked out of her locker room and her red Cocktail dress flowed with every step. she turned down the hall, a glare in her eye as she continued her way down the hall, she finally came to a door and began knock, first softly and then getting louder, the door opened as she entered the room, as the camera faded to black........

Inside the locker room off camera Kashmire sat on the chair inside one Krys Jericho's locker room, Krys sat across from her as Kash folded her legs

Look Krys, theres some kinks in this partnership, even friendship, that well need to be worked out and now, look I thought I explained it to you, but I'm going to do it once more just to make sure we are on the same page. Im sorry i wasn't there for Saturday Nights Main Event, and Im sorry I am not the most consistent partner in the world, but look, I'm here now and so its your choice, do you want me to come to the ring with you, I mean seriously I want to know, because due to your promos your prepping yourself for a handicap match

Look Kash first, you do not need to get loud with me, what in the hell do you want me to think, I pop out two Promo's and you drag me to the ring with you to do your own, two days after, I mean your slackin' Kash, so yeah I was prepping for the worst.

no Krys, see this is why this wont work we cant get into petty arguments like this

You came in here didnt you

Yeah because I wanna fix this

Fix what?


Yes my ass is smart

Kash rolled her eyes Look Krys, I'm here now and if you want to dwell on the past, then after this match, we can completly end as partners, friends, anything, but you know thats not what I want, and you know you dont want to have to deal with now 5 girls all by yourself and then face it by sometime, you'll get ganged up on, your tough Krys, I give you that for sure, but no one girl can take 5 by herself, hell its bad enough its 2 versus 5 now, see Krys i joined forces with you because I thought we would be one helluva team, and well, friends, but Im getting sick of the lack of trust between us, see Krys, Sasha, and Cali I guess is her partner now, are facing us, and now we need to figure out what we are gonna do....... So Krys, think about it, I promise you that come genetic ill be out at that ring, as your partner, but you know what we need to figure out something, and its up on you princess, so think it over and let me know your fucking decision, cause Im tired of this

Well Kash, just one thing, are you actually going to be here.

I am no aren't I Krys it is in the past get over it, you know what i need to go calm down, you come talk to me when we are ready to be friends, and partners kay?

Kash got up and walked out of the locker room, slamming the door behind her, She rested herself against the wall in the hallway resting a hand to her head as she looked down, wondering if they could even trust each other for 5 minutes let alone a match, hell could they even be friends anymore Kash toke a deep breath as she closed her eyes, she turned to her left when

kjbot.png picture by wheresmychameleon

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     re: wwer rp   MSN NicknameKidDynamo88  11/11/2008 1:53 AM