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KimicideContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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From: MSN Nicknameкιмι¢ι∂?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 6/12/2008 5:52 PM

.Ryley Payne. .Poison of The Mind. 

Warning: Explicit content. Don't read it if you're a pansy cause this RP comes from one pervy mind.

98095971ic4.png picture by xCold_Heart_Bitchx

Roleplay Subtitle: here
Inspiration: here
OOC: here

Sorry for Kimmiekins, you had to know I'd make everything perfect for yoooou! lol Hope ya like it. I tried to do a few different things for ya. Hope ya like everything Kimmies

Font color: #477f86(but you already knew that)
Font style: Comic Sans MS 2

Ryley Payne
The Theme
The Loved
The Hated

Ryley Payne
Maneater by Nelly Furtado
(Tiger Bomb)
Burnt Offerings
(Cattle Mutilation)

Disclaimer: Banner from Suicide Dreams Layout came straight from Angelic Lust at Bitchin' Designs. Want one? Keep your grubby, grungy and otherwise nasty little fingers off this shit and go request one for your very own. It's not hard.