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Kramer's Kreatin' 
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Well hi there, so you found us and we are very glad that you did.
Mums and I (Kramer) have been having a blast creating new frames, tags and borders for our wonderful members.
So get a clicking on the buttons below and check out all the great creations for you to use where ever you would like.
But please after you have done that read below the buttons for the rules stuff.
We only have Three very important rules:
You must be a member.
You must NEVER remove the credits from the Frames and Websets.
You must NEVER alter (except for the width of the overall border or frame) in anyway Frames, Tags or Websets that have a credit on them. NEVER!
Copy and paste away! 

Frame Designed by Kramer

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Mums & Sherree
Hi KareI will certainly do that for you, should have time tomorrow and will post it in this thread ok?Sherree
Sherree   01-20-09
Mums & Sherree
Hi Kare Did you mean this one? ...
MSN NicknameMÜmšbÖŸ§   01-20-09
Mums & Sherree
Hi Ladies, I was wondering if I could as you for a favor before the group moves, just in case we get separated. I just love the tag you made for me with the Royal Dalton Country Rose tea cup,...
MSN NicknameKareDV   01-20-09
Migrating group over to Aimoo
Unfortunately the group didnt all migrate properly, so I have contacted Aimoo to see if anything can be done, or whether we need to try it again. Watch this space lol
MSN NicknameMÜmšbÖŸ§   01-19-09
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Sherree 04-29-05
Frogs and Balls
Sherree 01-09-05
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