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A place for our friends to relax, have fun, share a story or two!

Please take a moment to read our netiquette page.

Welcome to new members, and thank you for all for making the site what it is.

Mary, Fi, Richard and Cathy

Site Managers



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Closing the groups
Looks like Kate is going to be busy Thursday night. No objections here.
MSN Nicknamefoxwelllori   01-20-09
Closing the groups
Fine by me!     ...
MSN NicknameEidas_Elttiks   01-19-09
Closing the groups
Kate, If we are to retain the group we appear to be coming up to Hobson's choice.  It's probably better to do the migration and see who transfers with it....who joins Aimoo I mean.  I'm...
MSN NicknameRab_C_Nisbet   01-19-09
Closing the groups
Subject: &...
MSN Nickname♠اMõ?/nobr>   01-19-09
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MSN NicknameAngelicfi1 01-01-07
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Proud Mum & Step-Dad with the Happy Couple
Kas 08-18-05
Bridal Party
Kas 08-18-05
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