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( ALL MEMBERS )I screwed up big time
Let me kow if I can help in any way. Dawn
MSN Nicknamelyonlady   01-06-09
( ALL MEMBERS )I screwed up big time
I blew it and deleted the new group. Was trying to make some changes and boy did I ever. So much on my mind with Cathy in hospital and now Sam hurt his back more and Just ...
MSN Nickname1947MarshallAB   01-06-09
now what? this hurts.........
Aw AT, I am so sorry to hear this. Will be thinking and praying for you.
MSN Nicknamelyonlady   01-05-09
What is your Favorite song By...?
to many
MSN Nicknamelyonlady   01-05-09
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management team
MSN Nickname1947MarshallAB 12-02-08
11/08 member of the month
MSN Nickname1947MarshallAB 11-02-08
MSN Nickname1947MarshallAB 10-18-08
MSN Nickname1947MarshallAB 10-01-08
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