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Life with My 
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Welcome to Life With My Horses
We are a small group of horse people and friends
I hope you enjoy the many things out site has to offer.
Get to know other members here.

Please show your support by stopping in on our tracks page
Simple and easy just click add twice

 Please feel to make your own album to show off

Here is the direct link to the all topic board just
to make sure you don't miss any posts by fellow members

We also have a few differnt memorial pages
to honor not only our family but our animal family as well

That's Our Effort


 A beautiful life came to a sudden end .
He died, as he lived, everyone's friend.
He was always thoughtful, loving and kind.
What a precious memory he left behind.
He left us suddenly, his thoughts unknown.
But he left us memories we are proud to own.
Treasure him God, in your garden of rest.
For in our world he was one of the best.


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I went in and un-indented all the pages. You need to do this so that they get migrated with the rest. Also, you should unhide any pages you want to migrate too.
MSN Nickname»Lin»   01-09-09
Bad News....MSN Groups Are Closing
You may have heard rumors that MSN Groups will in closing, I’d like to respond to those here so that our most active users have the information you need to man...
MSN Nickname»Lin»   10-16-08
KIM I need your help, This is Lisa at IF...
Kim, I answered you email. Hope to see you soon. Lisa
MSN NicknameLisa-Mngr-IFA   09-03-08
KIM I need your help, This is Lisa at IF...
Anybody know how to get hold of KIM. Please tell her to contact me. I really need her help. Lisa
MSN NicknameLisa-Mngr-IFA   08-04-08
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Dot & Star
Foal pics Past & present