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Light & Shadows of ChalandorContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome to
Light & Shadows
This is the Coven Archival
Grimoire Collection
Donations Thankfully Accepted


Welcome to
Light & Shadows
of Chalandor
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ATTENTION: All Members
MSN NicknameLadyMajykWhisperingOwl   01-02-09
The Divination Night Was amazing!!!
Happy New Year!   We had a very enjoyable evening ...
MSN NicknameLadyMajykWhisperingOwl   01-02-09
You are Invitd to DIVINATION NIGHT...Ple...
MSN NicknameLadyMajykWhisperingOwl   12-31-08
MSN NicknameLadyMajykWhisperingOwl   12-30-08
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MSN NicknameLady_Qyzida_MeadOwlArk 12-23-08
Yule exchange gift
MSN NicknameLady_Qyzida_MeadOwlArk 12-23-08
MSN NicknameLady_Qyzida_MeadOwlArk 12-11-08
long night's moon (dec)
MSN NicknameLady_Qyzida_MeadOwlArk 12-06-08
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