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   Welcome to the  Bridge Players' Message Board

(Open to ALL those interested in Contract Bridge)


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H or S
2S .... I think it's better to show the extra length here with this minimum opener.   [ Testiest...... bidding  6-4-6 shows a stronger ...
MSN NicknameTWOferBRIDGE   01-09-09
H or S
2H. I'll rebid spades on my third turn unless pard raises hearts or passes 2H.
MSN Nicknametestiestcat1   01-09-09
H or S
Not vul at IMPSKJ1098xKQJ10JxQ1S p 1N P?
alansc   01-08-09
Can you open 1?
My pard thought it was outrageous even when it worked out well.
alansc   01-08-09
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tv cab
MSN Nicknamekrm56 11-08-08
Stach '2008
MSN Nicknamezbigniewb 10-20-08
Stach '2008
MSN Nicknamezbigniewb 10-20-08
MSN Nicknamezbigniewb 10-05-08
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