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I am Frazze el Gato. Do you like to visit my place and see all my buddies?


I am Frazze el Gato! Like to visit my place and see all my   buddies? That is in Beautiful Sweden. Let me guide you and tell you amazing stories! Take me by my paw and let´s start!  Bang in here and rip some curtains on the Message Board!



Art by Kayomi 


Copyright © Ruth's Grafik

Art by Kayomi



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Time to Say Goodby MSN
Maikki's Corner was originally not a public group. I kept it hidden to work on pages that I put up on my official group. S...
Thabita   01-25-09
Thabita   01-24-09
Kez'z Page Play
Thabita   01-24-09
Template ...
Frazze   01-24-09
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Frazze 01-24-09
Thabita 01-22-09
Thabita 01-22-09
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Frazze 07-22-07
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