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Farewell Thunder Child?
No, don't think 'Recommend' will make much difference,   if you look at the migrated BBC  Corner....only message boards have travelled, not pages, so the migration...
MSN NicknameZydha   11-16-08
Farewell Thunder Child?
Hy, couldn't get in, Gordon, and Steve has been kicke out of the Corner again, just let him back in, msn is doing some funny things today.   Have you started...
MSN NicknameZydha   11-16-08
Farewell Thunder Child?
Good to go?   Last thought? Could recommend function have any impact?
MSN NicknameMerlin--_--_   11-16-08
Hy, I'm in!!!
Welcome!   Just a pity we know this is the "Thunder Child"
MSN NicknameMerlin--_--_   11-16-08
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1956phototransparency3 1
MSN NicknameZydha 11-15-08
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