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Welcome To Misty Visions







Watch this Space

As MSN proceeds to close all groups I am looking at alternative homes for our group Misty Visions, so to all members who would like to remain a member of our group please pop in to see what choices we can offer.

I have transfered our group to Multiply for now which all members are invited to join at



Thankyou to everyone that has supported Misty Visions here in MSN over the years and look forward to those of you that choose to follow our group to our new permises.

Blessings Misty  






  New Messages
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I will miss Misty's Space on MSN
Your welcome Misty, I found it a lot more personal than multiply. I do hope otheers like it as well. I know you cant do fancy front pages etc, but you can choose skins and you can still post phot...
XtraMSN Nicknamesilversoulinlight   01-24-09
hello misty
hi misty  hear is karens  e mail i sure she would love to hear from u  she has had so much going on with her mam being so sickand now she has passedand karen has been in hospital&n...
XtraMSN Nicknamescgtroops   01-24-09
new place for misty to look at please RE...
thankyou enibmadragon i will check it out i have joined the group soulsilver posted so will see what happens.   Appreicate all the help from you all :) &nbs...
XtraMSN Nickname«Mistyblue»   01-24-09
I will miss Misty's Space on MSN
thankyou silversoulinlight i have joined and we will see how it goes :)   blessings misty  
XtraMSN Nickname«Mistyblue»   01-24-09
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XtraMSN Nickname«Mistyblue» 10-10-03
XtraMSN Nickname«Mistyblue» 10-10-03
XtraMSN Nickname«Mistyblue» 10-10-03
XtraMSN Nickname«Mistyblue» 10-10-03
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