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New England Broomstick 
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  鈾hat Is Magick  
  鈾itches Place to Start  
  鈾he Witches Rede of Chivalry  
  鈾agan Beliefs  
  鈾itches Beliefs  
  鈾iccan Rede  
  鈾itches Rede  
  鈾itches Law  
  鈾abbats- Wheel of the year  
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  鈾eath and Reincarnation  
  鈾roudning and Centering  
  鈾heilding Introduction 101  
  鈾stral Projection  
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  鈾agickal Symbols  
  鈾ltar Set Up  
  鈾itual Structure  
  鈾elf Dedication  
  鈾asting and Closing a Circle  
  鈾alling the Quarters  
  鈾rawing down the Moon  
  鈾ew Moon Wishing  
  鈾agic of the Planets (page 1)  
  鈾he Moon Curve  
  鈾ummoning the Fates  
  鈾reate Your Book of Shadows  
  鈾?路:*篓 篓*:路.鈾?/A>  
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  鈾?路:*篓 篓*:路.鈾?/A>  
  鈾?路:*篓 篓*:路.鈾?/A>  
  鈾?路:*篓 篓*:路.鈾?/A>  
  鈾?路:*篓 篓*:路.鈾?/A>  
  Legends and Lore  
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  Mail Call  
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  Personal Gifts  
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  The Powers of Stones  
  Spell BookHow to write your own spells  
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hi i am new
i am new to this group and i just wanted to introduce myself. i am dreamcat and i hope that i can learn from those who know more than me and share what i know
MSN Nicknamedreamcat250   10-27-08
Dear Group (Aka FAE LOL)
HI I am so sorry we have let this room slide a bit. So Much has been going on, it is alot to put in place. I moved in June To a house with my kids and I, and the man I had...
MSN NicknameMidnight_Magickal_Storm   08-29-08
stone henge vandalised
- Vandals used a hammer and screwdriver to vandalise the Stonehenge ancient monument, the first such incident for decades, officials said Thursday.The night-time attack by two men last we...
MSN NicknameFae_Kay   05-23-08
hi all
Hello im doing really well, thankyou for asking glad things have settled down for you see you soon Fae x
MSN NicknameFae_Kay   04-19-08
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MSN NicknameMoon_Child07 03-30-08
MSN NicknameMoon_Child07 03-30-08
MSN NicknameMoon_Child07 03-30-08
MSN NicknameMoon_Child07 03-30-08
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