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Newfies-On-LineContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Problems with other Room...
I also tried the other chat room,couldn't get in there
MSN Nicknameislandlady2003   01-28-09
Problems with other Room...
  Everything is just great here... but can't get into either of my groups.   Thought I'd check this out... Maybe we could hav...
MSN Nicknamesinkhole3885   01-28-09
tuesday check in
Eric hope that you won't have any more snow then that.Have a great day.Take care. Gladys...
MSN NicknameGladys9218   11-25-08
tuesday check in
 hi everyone   snow on the ground here less than an inch have a good one 
MSN NicknameErmill1   11-25-08
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MSN NicknameSpitoosgurl 09-05-08
MSN NicknameSpitoosgurl 09-05-08
MSN NicknameSpitoosgurl 09-05-08
MSN NicknameSpitoosgurl 09-05-08
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