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Original Slave CastleContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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 Welcome all to Original Slave Castle.
Happy Three and Half year Birthday soon OSC.
Now we have a new Chat room with the same name in Oasiz find link in OSC Chat
Everyone's imgination is the gateway to new worlds.
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chat room open
The chat room is open the link has changed click ...
MSN NicknameLord_špiritwalker47   01-18-09
Seeking Young slave role play 8-16, not ...
ooc- Thwe communuty is closing come febuary 21, 2009 so please lets continue this role play in multiplay our new communuuty I will restart the post from the last post here thank you. &...
MSN NicknameLord_špiritwalker47   01-17-09
Place seems Empty.
Go to the one at
MSN NicknameJakondite_the_Omega   01-11-09
Place seems Empty.
What a shame.  
MSN NicknameDragonwolf-Knight   01-11-09
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MSN Nickname§ωέέŦ˚Ĭяїѕђ˚Ғǿҗ 09-16-08
MSN Nickname§ωέέŦ˚Ĭяїѕђ˚Ғǿҗ 09-16-08
MSN Nickname§ωέέŦ˚Ĭяїѕђ˚Ғǿҗ 09-16-08
MSN Nickname§ωέέŦ˚Ĭяїѕђ˚Ғǿҗ 09-16-08
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