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Original Slave CastleContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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bedroom4.jpg kates room (in kiras slave shop thread) image by cat021594

1189545033-Royal_Suite_bed_use.jpg Errah and Raven's Bedroom image by MerovingianDy

Royalbathroom.jpg Empress and Emporer's Bath image by JustforLKHBaner
Welcome to the mistress wing there located on the left hand side before the royal wing . There are five floors to this wing as well and each floor like the others has over 30 rooms to each level . Each containing a bath room with a single sink mirror over head . A tub made of smoothed polished stone and not out of marble like the royal ones . A towel  and wash cloth rack . As well as oils , lotions and soaps for hair and body and flowers about the tub . Wooden floors . In the bed room it self it has a closet that's not walk in , a cherry dresser and table with one to two chairs . Deep Red wall's and thick drapes to block out the sun when they are closed . A small plush rug . Two person bed with cotton linens two large pillows . More expensive rooms will come with a couch and night stands as well as a balcony and vanity.


















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