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Oswalds Bar & GrillContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome to Oswald's Bar & Grill.

Come in - feel free to spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.

Don't forget to feed the Pokies and Happy Hour is 1700 to 0500.

Shots are a dollar and Pints are $3.00 The spa is $10 per half hour.

Barbeque on Saturday and Sunday at 2000.

Don't stick your finger in the Parrot's cage. The Bastard bites!

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New Zealand Earthquake & Volcano Activity

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Unaccounted for
oops so is it still a locked group?? 
MSN NicknameBoMumma   01-12-09
Unaccounted for
I MADE IT!!!   thanks guys...
MSN NicknameBoMumma   01-12-09
Group Movement
Gosh I'm having trouble getting pages to load over there.   Seems to have started when those stupid ads got added.  It will open the first message on a thread, then hang, then when...
MSN Nicknamekarey64   01-11-09
This site is now 'open' until it migrates to the new one
MSN NicknameOswald_Bastable   01-09-09
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Alicat 03-25-08
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