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Welcome To
You are now a member
Not only of our family, but also of this
Family Group Site
Here is how you can read all the most recent messages on this site.
(Hopefully there will be many.)
Just add OurFamiliesAnchor All Messages Board
to your favorites
And you will see all the most recent messages posted,
from all the boards or pages, without searching each page
..Before you say, "Now what do I do", click and read this..
Then go to the Introductions board and let us know
you are here, and who you are.
You can add your Birthday and Anniversary etc to this page at
(don't forget to add the kids birthdays, too)
Make an Album here  Pictures 
This can be a fun place to be
if you ever want to get back to this page, click
Whats New
in the page list to your left
The site may be slow for a while, so the more you post the better it is. That will get everyone else talking too.
I'll be here off and on each day, so if you have any questions, just ask and I'll try to help, or find help for you.
I will probably need an assistant manager when this site picks up, so anyone that thinks they are ready, when the time comes, can just let me know and we'll get you promoted
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Countdown To Time Change
Time changes in ten days folks, buy batteries for your Smoke Detectors and Clocks, so you can change those too.  
MSN NicknameShylyQ   10-23-08
>>>>MSN Groups To Be Closing<<<<
This was posted at another Group, I belong to   NOTE: ...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   10-17-08
Weather Report (add yours too)
My weather 'Gizmo' you can get yours by following the instructions ...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   10-11-08
Weather Report (add yours too)
Let's use this 'Thread' to tell everyone what your weather report is   I'll ...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   10-11-08
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MSN NicknameSpiritangel© 06-23-07
Untitled Photo
MSN NicknameSpiritangel© 06-23-07
2007 Train Derailment Iroquois SD015
MSN NicknameSpiritangel© 06-23-07
2007 Train Derailment Iroquois SD014
MSN NicknameSpiritangel© 06-23-07
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Train derailment in Iroquois SD
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