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A Historic Transition
It's going to be l-o-o-o-o-ong 8 years for the flat earth brigade.
MSN Nickname69BuickGS   01-04-09
Israel Hit's Hamas Hard!
"we won't be seeing any chance whatsoever for Palestinian statehood again. "   ...
MSN Nickname69BuickGS   01-04-09
Israel Hit's Hamas Hard!
"This is, in part, why I think it is imperative for the Israeli's to get someone in there who has a better handle on how to go about things" ...
MSN Nickname69BuickGS   01-04-09
Israel Hit's Hamas Hard!
"They should've taken the deal but wasn't good enough for Arafart " Arafat? ...
MSN Nickname69BuickGS   01-04-09
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MSN Nicknameslslady10 10-21-08
MSN Nicknameslslady10 10-13-08
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Evil Jazz
MSN NicknameCapitalistFailures 09-16-08
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