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PSP - PRIVATE GETAWAYContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome to Private Getaway
We hope you enjoy your stay,
while creating new tags.
Pull up your chair, grab your favorite drink,
sit back and have fun !!
Thank You,
Tiki Mgmt Team


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Are New Home!!
  Every one come and join us here Thanks
MSN NicknameBabyface2602   12-23-08
Hello...Glad you stoped by... Thank you so much Its alot of work to move everything....OMG Good luch with you group and you will get there hun Hugs Bon...
MSN NicknameBabyface2602   11-24-08
just popping in to say hey!! bonnie your new home is looking mighty spiffy and homey, i like it! i've been busy moving all my msn stuff....arrgh, quite the undertaking for s...
sammitch   11-24-08
Are New Home!!
Every one come and join us here Thanks
MSN NicknameBabyface2602   11-23-08
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MSN NicknameBabyface2602 11-14-08
MSN NicknameBabyface2602 11-13-08
MSN NicknameBabyface2602 11-13-08
MSN NicknameSugarlipsJenn-Jenn 10-20-08
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