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Hope You enjoy your stay here at PspCeltics
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from: PSP-Celtics Manager
& Asst. Managers


Page by Ellie000 for PSP-Celtics Group-2007

Group Created 6/1/2004  by Mosie

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Got my name at
both yuku and aimoo-----Iam mosie at both.yeaaaaaaaa think it was multiply i coulnt get it-...
MSN Nickname©Mosie?/nobr>   11-23-08
  Thanks mo....
peg_2   11-22-08
Gonna look different around here
Isay we storm castle Microsoft, slay the evil tyranical Overlords of MSN & then peace and happiness will once again reign in the land of MSN Groups!   Whe...
MSN NicknameBlarneywrks   11-22-08
Gonna look different around here
alot of groups went to  aimoo and yuku-lolol maybe I will too.then can judge both for myself.  
MSN Nickname©Mosie?/nobr>   11-21-08
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MSN Nicknamebillyg221940 10-25-07
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