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PWT_IncContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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?/FONT> I had a dream - I pursued my dream.
?/FONT> I am humble - But I am confident.
?/FONT> I am kind, but this is not a weakness, it is my strength.
?/FONT> I believe in myself, I am "GREAT" or I do not belong here.
?/FONT> I will train hard, my skills will be tested, But I will not give up.
?/FONT> I will help my peers with encouragement. I will not criticize or discourage others.
?/FONT> I will always show respect to others who have paved my way.
?/FONT> I will alway remember the #1 rule "Protect my opponent at any cost".
?/FONT> I will remain open for suggestions at all times - I want to learn.
?/FONT> I am smart and not a mark - But I am not a "smart ass".
?/FONT> I had a dream - The dream came true.

Thank You God,

"I Am Proud To Be A Wrestler"

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merry christmas and happy holidays and i...
It's not picking on people when you're stating what is true.
MSN Nickname●●___кιssмчмaиoℓos°   01-07-09
merry christmas and happy holidays and i...
Well if pickin on people on the internet makes you feel better about yourself by all means continue with your life..
MSN Nicknameλмέѓīςaŋ٠ρﯼỵςђо   01-07-09
Down to one last breath.
MSN NicknamePrìdê Fìghtïng   01-07-09
Ya me back until the 24 four-hour season premiere?
MSN NicknameSouthern_Heartthrob1   01-06-09
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Summer Stratus
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