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Play Along CPK' 
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 Welcome to the first and original Jakks Pacific/Play Along  

group TOTALLY devoted to the current line of mass

marketed Cabbage Patch Kids.

Club moderators...





"One of a kind and just mine"





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Thank you! (xmas card exchange)
Glad you liked it.     ...
MSN NicknameFLAduranie   12-30-08
Oh I can't wait to see, I'll have to stop by and look at Target tomorrow before I leave for vacation! If I see any I'll take pics.   Sukie
MSN NicknameSusanaw74   12-30-08
First Run PA Kids For Adoption
I have these kids for adoption - smoke free home - MIB (removed for pics only) or NRFB, $18 US each plus shipping:...
MSN NicknameLuvMyCPKs2   12-30-08
The description included a box that has flowers all over it ...also something about an auburn boy and a super curly black (A/A) girl in some sort of spring outfit.......
Kev's Cab Patch   12-30-08
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PA17 asian supercurly baby
MSN Nicknamemarcsmommy9 12-14-08
PA AA baby
MSN NicknameCPKlover0 12-09-08
PA baby
MSN NicknameCPKlover0 12-09-08
PA girl
MSN NicknameCPKlover0 12-09-08
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