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Checking in for January
Afternoon all...Just checking in for January....I'm still alive....Happy New Year everybody!!!
MSN NicknameFireball4303   01-04-09
what will happen to our group
Hi sweetie, I have to appologize about the confusion. I am the one who set up the multiply group (which I am not happy with) so that we could at least have a common place to keep ...
MSN NicknameTami62   01-04-09
what will happen to our group
I am confused as to what is going to happen to this group.  There was a post for us to join  I ...
MSN Nicknamelgs131   01-04-09
I AM SO SO VERY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I am so so very sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I had no intentions of leaving you all like that at all in no manner speaking&...
MSN Nicknameannie570111   01-03-09
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MSN NicknameTami62 07-14-08
RSD Awareness Ribbon
MSN NicknameTami62 05-31-08
bug daff n ducks
ladojo 04-08-08
MSN NicknameTami62 04-08-08
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