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WELCOME:  If you are too busy to cook or just don't like to cook, join me.  Help me collect easy , quick, delicious recipes for dummies.  I have found several, but I need your input.  Browse our Message Board and enjoy our collection of photos, clips and animations, all available for your use.  Take advantage of our Culinary Institute for the Clueless and browse our Collection of Links, Tips, Techniques, Coookbooks, Jokes and Other Funny Stuff.

*12/02/04:  Today I completed our Cookbook for the Clueless Vol. I, pages 01-300. There are Category and Title Indices for each 100 pages as well as for the complete cookbook, 01 to 300. I am now working on a Title Page and a Cover Page.   

All twenty of our recipe categories are also available in Cookbook form.   I made the documents much smaller in the hopes that they will be easier to open.  Please let me know if anyone still has trouble opening the files.


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Thank you girl's.
Whoever is going to make the catagories and pages at Aimoo, you can start anytime. you don't need to wait for the group to be done moving.   This site, that will show t...
MSN NicknameShylyQ   12-28-08
Thank you girl's.
Oh, Thank you for all you all doing to try to movethis group.I did try to move a few of weeks ago then a couple of weeks ago.I did try to move it again last week...Hopefully together we ca...
MSN NicknameDiAnhna   12-28-08
Issues AT aimoo!
I just tried to post this over at the new place but the following will explain.....   Some of my other aimoo groups are having ...
MSN NicknameCanadianShe_Wolfâ„?/nobr>   12-28-08
Moving the Group
ok I did it,Applied Successfully! You have already applied to move your MSN Group Recipes for Non-Cooks to Aimoo on 2008-12-27 18:58:55. Since so many MSN Groups applied to move, you need ...
MSN NicknameRescuedPanther   12-28-08
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Categorry Images, New 2
MSN NicknameMcClug1 01-06-06
Stew, Spicy Cider Pork Stew
MSN NicknameMcClug1 06-02-05
Rice, Pilaf with Toasted Pecans
MSN NicknameMcClug1 06-01-05
Salad, Rainbow Pasta Salad
MSN NicknameMcClug1 05-28-05
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