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The MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. You can move your group to Multiply, MSN’s partner for online groups. Learn More
SKCWContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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*With MSN Groups Closure In February 09. We just want to let everyone know we plan on staying put on MSN Groups through February at which time we will move to another site. We will be exploring our options beginning in January for this and give everyone ample time to know about the move*

Welcome to SKCW. Make sure to read the guidelines and rp for whatever show your assigned to. Feel free to take advantage of 24/7, SWYG, and all the other features of SKCW. Also be sure to join the other sites in the SKCW Family.

*All Characters Must Be Exclusive to SKCW*

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Major Update
well hey man, my email is
MSN NicknameMack 420   01-14-09
Major Update
In the coming weeks, SKCW will re-open although not on MSN. We are still in the process of moving things around and contacting people to join the sites. If I have you on AIM or MSN Messenger then...
MSN Nickname×Eric_Bischoff×   01-13-09
I couldnt make it cause of work but I am willing to do whatever is needed just im me on AIM Shdy69slim   thank you John D~
MSN NicknameRandy_Orton_SCWE   01-13-09
Hey guys, Ryan here...tomorrow afternoon (Monday, the 12th) we would like to request that all of management goes into a chat to discuss very important matters, so if you are around tomorrow after...
MSN NicknameMaven__SKCW   01-11-09
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MSN NicknameJ뮤m€¬Mø®rϧ«©» 12-31-08
MSN NicknameJ뮤m€¬Mø®rϧ«©» 12-31-08
MSN NicknameJ뮤m€¬Mø®rϧ«©» 12-22-08
MSN NicknameJ뮤m€¬Mø®rϧ«©» 12-22-08
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