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SURVIVOR - The CBS Television SeriesDeemed especially "cool" by 
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Insider Transcripts►ep 7
Tribal Council Voting -KOTA Bob...
MSN Nicknameßecca¥   11-04-08
Sugar snuffs the snake
Personally, I couldn't be happier at the way things went! Ace was really begining to act like he was the rule of the roost and the way he would laugh like everybody else was stupid was getting on...
MSN Nicknameinluvwithcolby   11-04-08
letters from home
If Randy is holding a letter perhaps it belongs to another contestant who decided to share it with him.   ...
MSN Nicknameßecca¥   11-04-08
I don't think they can.  Sometimes when someone is a  RC winner and goes on a trip somewhere for the night they will sneak back a little food in their bag.
MSN NicknameLINDAJEAN17   11-04-08
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MSN NicknameDesertbro0 09-10-08
MSN NicknameDesertbro0 09-10-08
S16 - James to the Rescue
MSN NicknameDesertbro0 09-10-08
MSN NicknameScott©™ 09-05-08
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