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Welcome to Salon Talk! My name is Amy, I have been a hairstylist for about 15 years. I am working hard to make this an enjoyable site, feel free to introduce yourselves, post photos, and  read or post your own messages!
NOTE: Anyone sending in blank applications will be emailed for verification about whether you are a salon professional or student, in which the application will remain in pending for a week unless replied to and verified. If the email bounces, or if you never answer within that week, your application will be denied, but you can reapply. Please read the Guidelines before applying, and members check back often for updates.

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Moving- New Group
Some of you know that MSN Groups is shutting down February 21st. I've decided to migrate the group to Aimoo. Messages here wil...
MSN NicknameStarliteny2   12-01-08
Happy Thanksgiving!
for what honey
MSN Nicknameredheadlibra4   11-30-08
Happy Thanksgiving!
thank you
Hair This   11-28-08
Happy Thanksgiving!
MSN NicknameStarliteny2   11-27-08
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MSN Nicknamejzstylin 08-29-08
Untitled Photo
MSN Nicknamejzstylin 08-29-08
Untitled Photo
MSN Nicknamejzstylin 08-29-08
Short Cut
MSN Nicknamejzstylin 08-29-08
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