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I will miss coming in here every day
I will miss the groups I am in and the friendsI have made, but the group SD that I am inour manager is looking for a new home forus. I am glad I would miss everyone too muchif I could...
MSN Nickname§sapphires©web§   11-02-08
My Knee is Getting Better
I am doing pretty good in therapybut now am having pain in my right hip. I was told that I wouldprobably have to have it replacedagain *hip joint* so .... I am hopingthat will be a...
MSN Nickname§sapphires©web§   10-17-08
Mailbox For Jacque
Sorry Jacque I haven't had time.Are they saved somewhere? I don't know when I will be able toget on my laptop to save them.I appreciate you fixing them forme.Love & Hugs, S...
MSN Nickname§sapphires©web§   09-16-08
Mailbox For Sapphire
Don't forget to fix your backgrounds I redid for you.  Just dropping in to say hi. Praying for good results from the x-rays.  Wish you didn't have so much health issues to de...
Jacque   09-11-08
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MSN NicknameSapphireJan_1 09-26-06
MSN NicknameSapphireJan_1 09-26-06
MSN NicknameSapphireJan_1 09-26-06
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