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Shares_EtcContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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No spamming, no dating services, no money making websites.

Make yourself a Mailbox. Lots of free siggies and mail coming your way! If you need help with that or a personal tag made, leave a note on the Request Board. Hide your email on your profile. You will be emailed upon joining if it is showing. That can be done Under Member Tools. Fill out about yourself to let us know what you like. And don't forget about your birthday too. We have a very strict posting requirement. At least once a month or membership is cancelled. You will be welcome to come back when you have the time.

We are made up of different backgrounds and religions and all is respected here. There are many boards here that you may post about what you beleive in. If you do not see a board that will cover what you need, let me know in my mailbox.

This web site makes every effort to insure that no copyrighted material is posted or used here, however, that is not always possible to do.

Copyrights 101

All material on this web site has been posted, with the intention and belief that it is NOT copyrighted and free for public use.

If you see something that belongs to you  and it is copyrighted, please email the managers of this site as soon as possible so that we may remove the material ASAP.

This also pertains to our members and managers copyrighted work so please get the artists/members permission before using or taking their work as well.

From now on any member not responding to your new member welcome within 3 days, ur membership will be revoked. You will have to reapply to rejoin, If it happens a second time, you take a chance on being denied.

I put alot of time & effort n2 sharing & I want active members only. Plz make an effort to post at least 2 times a month

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MSN NicknameTwêêtyPie4Ever   11-07-08
We all need to Check In & Post Over At A...
I would like to know how to copy and paste in a forum. For example if someone offered a WWO and you had to add your name to a list. I don't know how to do it. Mahica...
MSN NicknameMahica1   11-06-08
I am here..Mahica
MSN NicknameMahica1   11-06-08
We all need to Check In & Post Over At A...
I posted she we quit this group and just go there&n...
MSN Nickname°×°Ana°×°1   11-06-08
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MSN Nicknamesmittenkitten32 05-14-07
MSN Nicknamesmittenkitten32 05-14-07
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