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Shih Tzu, breed of toy dog, probably native to Tibet, and bred extensively in China since the 17th century. The name means “lion dog,?but because the hair around the face grows in all directions, they are also called the “chrysanthemum-faced dog.?Much favored in court circles, the dogs were frequently represented in Chinese art. In 1930 a few remaining specimens were introduced into England, and from there the breed became popular throughout the world. The Shih Tzu was officially recognized in the United States in 1969. An alert, lively dog, and very intelligent and gentle, it carries itself with a distinctively proud bearing. Its heavily plumed tail curls over the back; body hair—of various colors—is long and luxurious. The height of the Shih Tzu is 20 to 28 cm (8 to 11 in), the weight 4 to 7 kg (9 to 16 lb).    "Shih Tzu," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2002 © 1997-2002 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved
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My baby is 8 years old!!
Thanks to all of you for the sweet birthday wishes!  It was a fun party that we do every October as my husband's birthday is exactly one week before GiGi's.  So we celebrate for both of...
MSN NicknameValleySailor   11-10-08
We've moved!!
I'm there, too.  I LIKE IT!!!!
MSN NicknameValleySailor   11-10-08
Posting question
Hi everyone I had trouble regestering, it would not do anything when I clicked after agree. I will try again. thanks sincerely, Denise
MSN Nicknamemissys-mom   11-09-08
YOU HAVE GOT TO cHEck out>>>
WOW.  ya'll have got to go check out the new home site.  It is awesome.  Please come on over and register and start posting soon.  I believe this group wi...
MSN NicknameDisneycrazy1   11-09-08
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MSN NicknameShihtzuAnn1 10-30-08
MSN NicknameShihtzuAnn1 10-30-08
MSN NicknameShihtzuAnn1 10-30-08
Waiting For Mommy 1
MinisDaddy 10-28-08
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