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Silken Fire's Fireplace IIContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Silken Fire's Fireplace II

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We are a beautiful community of hopeless romantics over the age of 30 based in Western Canada. We welcome all souls who have been brave enough to truly love including the happy couples who want to add new dimensions to their relationships, those who want to find love again, the broken hearted who need the support of those who have been there, the lonely who find themselves pacing in the midnight hours and the playful. We are unique with sensual topics running throughout our chat evenings and our forums are choked with snaggs, graphics and sizzling information... Come see what true sensuality, romance, loving friendships and excitement are all about!!!!

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Anyone may view and become a member of this group without the permission of the manager.

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May not be suitable for all audiences


Romance, Sensuality, Spirituality, Relationships, Snaggs, Lonely, Broken Hearts

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Canada (English)

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Western Canada base - Canadian and International Membership

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This group is currently active.