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Everyone is welcome in our Smiling Fibros Family. Other illness's such as CFS, IBS, Chronic Pain, DDD, and any others are welcome! Caregivers, spouses, friends and relatives are all welcome!

We hope you will come here when you need support, information, hugs, or just a safe place to vent.


If you are ever feeling lost , alone , sad, over whelmed or confused.   Click on "messages" or "chat" in the menu to your left we are as close as your  keyboard all the time! 

In Smiling Fibros Family we believe there is no age, location, or condition that can not use support.

We all seem to hide away when we really need the most support, so instead of hiding how about joining us in chat, message boards, or im?

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More about our home
Checked it didn't go through :(  PLEASE try again soon :)
MSN NicknameSmile-Mom-   11-27-08
Transferring Smiling from MSN to AIMOO
Thank you all so much :)  The way it looks right now is on Monday I will open smiling and let the bots go to work, so if you don't want this to happen you had better speak up!!!...
MSN NicknameSmile-Mom-   11-27-08
More about our home
I will check right now :)  We need everyone to join aimoo and start posting away :)
MSN NicknameSmile-Mom-   11-27-08
Transferring Smiling from MSN to AIMOO
MSN NicknameTAS777tas-okay   11-27-08
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DeeRPN June 2008
MSN NicknameDee57RPN1 10-06-08
posing lol me in Greece
MSN Nicknamemummy-witch 01-19-08
thaving a rest in Cornwall
MSN Nicknamemummy-witch 01-19-08
on the beachin Greece
MSN Nicknamemummy-witch 01-19-08
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!!!Members Kennel Pictures!!!
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