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Moving to Aimoo
The group is now open so it can be moved
MSN Nickname♥ẄξŊÐ¥?/nobr>   11-11-08
Moving to Aimoo
It looks like even though it moves everything we will have to pretty much create a new group there and this group will just be in the archives
MSN Nickname♥ẄξŊÐ¥?/nobr>   11-11-08
Moving to Aimoo
Going to try to move this group to aimoo
MSN Nickname♥ẄξŊÐ¥?/nobr>   11-11-08
can be interesting or boring.  Football is boring
MSN Nickname♥ẄξŊÐ¥?/nobr>   11-03-08
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