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THE BRONX, USAContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Hello....Welcome to the Bronx USA!

Everybody is welcome here, whether you were Born in the Bronx or Not!

To join, you must submit a legitimate e-mail address on your application. This e-mail address will not be shared with anyone unless you choose to do so.

In order to complete the joining process, once you are approved, we ask that you post atleast one message every 30 days. Inactive memberships will be cancelled.

We are a very active group and hope to hear from YOU soon! So....What are you waiting for?? Join in the fun NOW!

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Attention Members of THE BRONX USA
Indeed yes, we will continue our membership with this site.  Thank you:   ...
MSN NicknameTHE_BRONX_PUNISHER   01-04-09
For those who would like to see a photo ...
It seems Herb is very transparent.
Bronx Visitor   01-04-09
obama declares himself clean...
Yes, we will see. . .just as we always do with any new administration.
MSN NicknameMarty-G   01-04-09
For those who would like to see a photo ...
I didn't see nuttin'.
MSN NicknameMarty-G   01-04-09
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MSN NicknameNewYorkRich10463 02-05-08
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