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GUN RIGHTS : A nightmare coming true!
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From: MSN NicknameVietnamFatCat  (Original Message)Sent: 19/07/2008 04:21
Dear Friend of Gun Rights,

I wish I could rejoice in the recent Supreme Court ruling. I can't.

The fact is, in many ways, it is bad news for gun owners and gun rights.

The Supreme Court's Heller decision wasn't even an hour old before anti-gun activists began revealing exactly what they had been plotting for months.

As Nancy Pelosi said regarding the Supreme Court's decision, "they left a lot of room to run .. . ."

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a member of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun coalition, said the Supreme Court's decision "is an explicit statement of support" for their gun control efforts.

My friend, we are about to see a tsunami of anti-gun activism.

That's why it's vital you act TODAY! Support us at 

You see, while the U.S. Supreme Court did strike down Washington, D.C.'s gun ban (and maybe Chicago's) they gave the GREEN LIGHT to virtually every other anti-gun regulation, licensing scheme and restriction on the books.

Justice Scalia writing for the 5-4 majority said, "nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on [restricted persons] ... or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in [restricted places] ... or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms."

And it gets worse. And that's only five of nine judges.

Don't be misled. That's what anti-gunners count on.

Even as I write you, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bloomberg and their anti-gun pals at the federal, state and local levels are preparing a torrent of new and sweeping gun control legislation.

So those who have been running around claiming the Supreme Court's decision will ultimately lead to Second Amendment utopia are DEAD WRONG.

Among other things, all the following anti-gun laws are A-OK according to the Supreme Court:

*** Mandatory licensing to purchase firearms;

*** Bans on the open and concealed-carry of firearms;

*** Bans on private sales of firearms;

*** Bans of so-called assault weapons and other "unusual" weapons (that's the actual language Scalia uses);

*** Bans on firearms on government property;

*** Bans on certain calibers of ammunition;

*** Bans on high-powered hunting scopes;

*** One-month waiting periods;

*** One-gun-a-month schemes;

*** Mandatory ammunition fingerprinting.

That's why your help today is so vital.

You see, the gun-grabbers have been raising millions of dollars for months, hoping for a Court decision they could "work with." And they got it.

While so many folks on our side are being distracted by a national press claiming "PRO-GUN FORCES WIN," anti-gun forces are ready to use the Court's decision to take even MORE Second Amendment freedoms away from you and me.

And with millionaire Hollywood honchos and billionaires like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on their side, I'm afraid they have all the money they need to do it, too.

And don't think Bloomberg and his gun control pals will stop short of TOTAL gun bans!

By the time any newly-passed gun control scheme makes its way back to the Supreme Court, every current Justice could be retired or DEAD!

That's why your help is needed IMMEDIATELY.

By turning up the heat on politicians now -- especially in this critical election year -- you and I will send the clear message to the politicians that they MUST oppose any new gun control scheme or pay the price at the polls.

That's the only real way to get politicians to listen.

So please agree to act TODAY, visit our website at 

The National Association for Gun Rights is set to expand the following three-part program to capitalize on the Supreme Court's decision:

>>> Phase 1 -- Recruit 325,000 new National Association for Gun Rights members in key areas across the country that will be most vulnerable to the gun-grabbers' schemes;

>>> Phase 2 -- Work with pro-gun legislators and the media to put the anti-gunners on the defensive and expose their lies and manipulations;

>>> Phase 3 -- Launch a full-scale direct mail, internet and phone blitz targeted at Second Amendment supporters in key areas to create a grassroots wildfire in favor of our full gun rights.

But none of this can happen without your financial support.

As I told you, the national gun control crowd has been raising millions and planning for this exact scenario for months.

They could launch a full-scale assault on our gun rights at the federal, state, and local level within just a few weeks.

What will stop them is the grassroots efforts of pro-gun folks like you -- folks who realize the Supreme Court's Heller decision does NOT stop gun control.

But this effort will not be cheap, and that's why I must ask for your financial support, as well.

Will you agree to a special one-time contribution of $1,000?

Perhaps you can afford more.

Believe me, I know that's a lot to ask, but I can hardly overestimate just how important this fight is.

If $1,000 is not possible, I hope you'll agree to make a contribution of $500, $100 or at least $50.

Visit  TODAY and support our efforts.

The Supreme Court has ruled. Battle lines are being drawn.

The knock-down, drag-out, tooth-and-nail fights against the gun-grabbers begins immediately.

I hope I can count on you in our corner.

Your IMMEDIATE help is crucial. Please act TODAY! Go to 


Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. While the U.S. Supreme Court did strike down Washington, D.C.'s gun ban, they gave a GREEN LIGHT to virtually every other gun control law imaginable. Too many pro-gun folks just don't understand what is about to happen.

Emboldened by the Court's decision blessing their efforts, gun control zealots like Michael Bloomberg and Nancy Pelosi are preparing to launch an all-out assault on our gun rights.

They are counting on us to go to sleep and not notice what happens. That is exactly what I and everyone else at your National Association for Gun Rights REFUSES to do.

So please help the National Association for Gun Rights fight back with a special, one-time contribution of $1,000 (or even more if you can afford it), $500, $100 or at least $50 -- whatever you can afford --TODAY! Go to

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Recommend  Message 7 of 21 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknameElGato196Sent: 27/07/2008 02:59
With a change of names, this is the letter I sent to my Rep and Senators from AZ which includes McCain!:
Any gun law is an infringement on my 2d amendment rights!
Dear Ed, Every indication reflects a growing uneasiness in America with regard to the two major political parties. It may be safe to say it goes beyond uneasiness, approaching deep anger toward politicians and parties in general. America seems to be asking what happened to "of the people, by the people, for the people", not of the elite, by the party, for the few? Patriots Revolt is a recent movement that allows America to step outside the two major political parties and exercise the power of the people without being constrained by a political apparatus. It doesn't much matter where they come from; what their religion is or not; whether they're black, white, or some other color...male or female...Democrat, Republican or Independent. What Americans seems to be saying is "I am America and I no longer matter." We the people are being betrayed, abandoned, deceived, and used as pawns in a political system which gives us no voice. America is crying for a vehicle that "will give them" a means to be recognized. A line in the sand has been drawn by Patriots Revolt...America is invited to visit and become a part of what our Constitution intended.
DJ Czerniejewski
1545 W Camelback Rd #18
Phoenix, AZ 85015-3507
Life Member: NRA

Recommend  Message 8 of 21 in Discussion 
From: gunstuffSent: 28/07/2008 14:38
     I don't whole heartedly agree with your pessimism.  The fact is we WON.  Granted it wasn't the kind of big win we had wished for, but we won.  A win is far better than a loss.
     I believe that Scalia watered down his brief to win over Kennedy's vote.  Rermember, it was a squeeker 5-4 split.  We came very close to losing the whole enchilada.
     We've lost our rights slowly over a long period of time, it'll take us just as long to get them back.  The Heller decision wasn't the end all, but rather it sparked the beginning of a newfound momentum to do just that.
     Just my .02

Recommend  Message 9 of 21 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamehuskerhokieSent: 28/07/2008 14:57
IMO, the thing to remember is that the SCOTUS just put precedence on the books that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right.  For all his faults, the 5-4 vote is an example of GWs legacy at work.  Their names are Roberts and Alito.  These two will serve and bring their strict constructionist views of the constitution to the highest court in the land for the next 20 years or more. 
It also serves to prove the point that for all the problems we have going on in the country, if we want to secure the personal right to keep and bear arms for our posterity, we cannot be flippant or fatalistic about the upcoming election.  The next President may well have the opportunity to replace two associate justices on the SCOTUS.  We cannot afford another Ruth Bader Ginsburg sitting on the bench. 
For those who don't remember, she was an ACLU attorney who had NEVER had any experience as a judge and slick willy put her on a life appointment.  Osama Obama lauds her as his ideal justice. 
Regardless of whether you like his views on a variety of issues, vote McCain.  For our future's sake, we cannot allow Osama to assign another euro-socialist a life long appointment to the highest court in our land.

Recommend  Message 10 of 21 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamegunstuffSent: 28/07/2008 15:38
Agreed.  The Heller 5/4 split was a wake up call for me.
I'm going to hold my nose and vote for McCain (the Manchurian Candidate).

Recommend  Message 11 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 09/11/2008 13:22
And where have you been Old Man?
People like you donot even understand our Bill of Rights or our Constitution.
Or the Declaration of Independence.
It's> Independence< not >depends<.

Recommend  Message 12 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 09/11/2008 13:38
Here this pretty much sums it up. It's more than just gun rights we are fighting for.
More than just a right to shop at Wal-Mart to help foreignerrs steal our Lands and our sovereignty.
But if you old farts want to go hide in the closet as the wool is pulled over your eyes?
Go for it! You've been doing all your lives anyway!
They Killed you after You fought WW1 when you only protesteted because of a promise THEY MADE!
Then they Killed you to protect the bankers in America as they(Bankers) finacnced Adolf Hitler.
Then they Killed You By giving Foreigners access to our agendas in Our Military command by way of ther UN during Korea! (Ford is aloud to build a Auto Plant in North Korea building Trucks, to aid the Communists)

Then they Killed Us in Vietnam, fighting communism they said.
but there's Cuba 100 miles away?
Now they are Killing us for Oil.
The Iraqi Oil will pay for the War? It won't last 3 months.
We're bringing freedom to the World.
That's why Spain can Buy up our Tax payer paid for Highways now huh? And charge US to use them?

Recommend  Message 13 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 09/11/2008 14:05
The Majority of the people(NRA backers) that visit this web site, IMHO opinion are nothing but a bunch of COWARDS!

As they pragmatise away while Politicians and Big business types, go abroad, and break laws, murder people. Which would otherwise in this country. Have them behind Bars!
But since Our Government has no jurisdiction in these countries for the most Part. Big time criminals get away with ......Genocide, Tax payer theft, and aiding the real enemies of America that have destroyed her
by way of decadence, and exploitation of our resources and Armed forces people.
Which the US Constitution forbids!

Recommend  Message 14 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 09/11/2008 14:11

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our country men."

Recommend  Message 15 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 09/11/2008 14:27
To HELL with YOU!
We don't Need You!

Recommend  Message 16 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 09/11/2008 19:52
Oh the Republicans are protecting us from terrorism!
Now the Democrats didn't know anything about this right?
Do ANY OF YOU out there SEE the duality of Treason & treachery in play Here?


US funding Iranian Nuclear Program

Recommend  Message 17 of 21 in Discussion 
From: MSN NicknamehuskerhokieSent: 09/11/2008 21:16
IA militia,
Where ya been guy?
I can't remember seeing a recent post and then after such a hiatus you pick back up on a string from 4 months ago and launch a litany of taunts.  Calling us all coward?!  Why the hostility, especially in a forum where we are all on your side?
We are all enraged that our "benevolence" to the rest of the world, a world where Osama is soooo concerned about how we are perceived, has been turned against our real defenders.  Iran is clearly an immediate threat.  Russia is no ally, nor is China.  I also dare say that many on this forum DO understand the long term consequences of Washingtons screw-ups and DO our best to call Washington on the fact that they are NOT representing our wills with our votes, calls, e-mails, $$ to the troops and organizations that we feel do share our interests and trying to educate the uninformed. 
I know Trent Lott found out about the cost of ignoring the will of MS on immigration. I think Murtha will find out that "Rednecks" don't forgive or forget. I'm also sure we are all quite frustrated.  Unfortunately, there are indeed a lot of  two-legged livestock (as you described-sheeple) of whom Orwell forewarned.
It's clear that you do your homework and have very strong opinions about the plight of this country.  Once again, we're there with you. I enjoy reading your sources. I do feel that you will garner a lot more support and interest in your agenda if you try to communicate with us rather than belittle and berate us.
That being said, Welcome Back!!

Recommend  Message 18 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 10/11/2008 22:40
yeah? I guess My frustration needed an Out.

I'm sick of watching My fellow countrymen and veterans get used by Criminals.
Who play to status quo conformity.
The continual gibberish that Our media blabbers at Us. The same rhetoric.
Government is good, people power(Independence) is Bad.
How many in our Gun sided 2nd amendment group think.
Still think the NRA will some how save Us.
But they berate us, and play the money game.
Then denounce Us for not Donating. While they continually concede to the whims of authortarian subversives. Collectivists!
The 2nd amendment isn't only about Hunting, People!

I wonder if some of the folks out their even wonder why some of us have had enough with the NRA?

Maybe because the NRA has been part of the sliding scale as the years go by?
I just can't get over the criminality that America and American service people & Patriots are allowing to continue in this country.
I just wish we'd find the Intestinal fortitude as a people, to fight & die for something real. Like our Own Country.

It erks me to sit by while politicians ignore my letters. Calls. Call Us terrorists because of our dissent?
Call Us UNpatriotic because we will not conform to every whim and demand By government.
Especially when the criminality is so obvious and apparent.
And I see to many falling for that Lie.

Recommend  Message 19 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 10/11/2008 22:48
People better wake up out there.
When you have Patriot politicians that come right out and tell the Public.
That they were threatened with death, by government style military thuggery?
Unless they vote a certain way on a Bill?

The number of members that recommended this message. 0 recommendations  Message 20 of 21 in Discussion 
Sent: 10/11/2008 22:50
This message has been deleted by the author.

Recommend  Message 21 of 21 in Discussion 
From: IowaMilitiaSent: 10/11/2008 22:56
We've got Friends in the US Military Intelligence business getting out because they and their Family, have been threatened with DEATH, for gods sakes!

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