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The Anglian 
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Happy New Year!

I am moving the Group today to Aimoo!

This site will remain until such time as MSN deletes the groups.

Please do not post in this Group, as it will not be transferred over to Aimoo - instead, go to and post in Aimoo instead!

I will keep you posted - please see the thread "Choosing a New Site" on the General Messages page, where there are links to several sites. You will receive an invite from Aimoo, so check your junk folder!

This site has been a happy home for 7 years now (seems a lot longer lol), and we've made lots of friends here - I'd hate to lose any of you, so please look out for that invite!

Click for London Weather Center, United Kingdom Forecast

 and now we have an onboard, clickable weather link 
News Re: Chat !!
Once again we're trying a new chat site, and this one's called Sparkpea (thanks Maiduu2!) This one seems to be more stable than the ones we've tried recently, too! I haven't created a comm chat room, and I won't for a while - let's see who is interested in chatting first eh ? OK, you will need to register:- 
1. The Sparkpea home page URL is:
2. Next, register - (give email address and chosen chat name) - they will send a validation email, which you have to follow to complete your membership - easy!
.... and that's it! There are lots of chat rooms, from chat to chat plus trivia to all sorts!
Come and start chatting with us soon!
(You will find some of us in The UK Freespirits chat, under General)




(We still chat in mess boxes, as ever lol, when people sign in)
Have a listen to Big L Radio:
 - Right Click and open the player in a new window if you want to listen to BigL whilst visiting the comm... (manager badger)

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Choosing a New Group Site
Okay ... decision made ... we are moving to Aimoo, who are currently migrating these pages for us. Please, therefore, do not post to this ...
asheepdog   01-15-09
No More Posts Here Please!
I have asked Aimoo to migrate the group, so any more posts anywhere on this group will NOT go forward! It will take them a few days to migrate, but in the meant...
asheepdog   01-12-09
Does anyone actually want this Group to ...
Hiya Sheepie   ...
MSN NicknameWhyCantIBeJimbob   01-09-09
Does anyone actually want this Group to ...
Like I said folks ... not getting at anyone ... just offering a choice ... if you'd rather I chose for you, that's fine ... and at the moment it's looking very like a choice bet...
asheepdog   01-08-09
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